Football Forward | 1st Edition – Barcelona Football Tryout
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1st Edition – Barcelona Football Tryout

I Barcelona Football Tryout 

The Barcelona Football Tryout 1st edition was an event organized to explore young football talents from all over the world. It was held from May 29 to June 2, 2018 in Olot.

This first edition was very successful. 22 participants from 8 different countries attended to the Tryout: United States, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Kenya, Egypt, Gambia and Spain. The participants were accommodated at the Hotel La Perla, in the center of the city, and every day they went to the UE Olot training facilities (team from third Spanish Division), to carry out the respective sessions.

During the 5 days, clubs and football agents from the area went to observe the conditions and football skills of the players. Renowned coaches such as the former Real Madrid player, Espanyol, Logroñés, among others, Eduardo Vilchez or other young local coaches such as Jordi Arau, Ferran Joanmiquel or Joel Olivet, were in charge of planning and directing the daily training sessions. In addition, a company specializing in performing performance tests (Bewolfish), was present performing a session of functional neuromuscular assessments. On the last day, a friendly match was played against the EU Olot youth team.

Some of the participants in this first edition have had the opportunity to achieve the dream of their lives, and have now left their countries to play in Spanish teams. Others, who were already playing here, have been able to sign for teams of higher category.

Participating players

  • Erik Montes Cerdán – 07/07/1993 (Spain)
  • Bubacarr Jallow – 03/02/1993 (Gambia)
  • Eliud Valderrama Roja – 27/11/1996 (Peru)
  • Felipe Fernandes de Araujo – 02/12/1997 (Spain)
  • Nicolás Alejandro Catania – 01/02/1997 (Argentina)
  • Lucas Ferrer Biechy – 23/10/1997 (Spain)
  • Ahmed Nader Abdelfattah – 27/07/1997 (Egypt)
  • Salvador Gutiérrez Llamas – 10/03/1998 (Spain)
  • Gerard Fernández Baraje – 05/05/1999 (Spain)
  • Luciano Agustín Cabral Pozzo – 24/03/1999 (Spain)
  • Víctor Llorente Montreal – 19/01/1999 (Spain)
  • Le Timmy – 23/01/1998 (United States)
  • David Owino Ambulu – 20/07/1998 (Kenya)
  • Luis Arturo Rivas Parra – 23/01/1998 (Venezuela)
  • Anxo García Arcos – 07/07/1999 (Spain)
  • Alan Nahuel Ferreiera – 09/01/1999 (Argentina)
  • Axel Javier Duric – 22/07/1999 (Argentina)
  • David Torre Palazuelos – 02/11/2000 (Spain)
  • Marco Ponce Morrondo – 13/05/2001 (Spain)
  • Tomás Otarola Fusari 19/03/2000 (Argentina)
  • David Rodríguez Zegarra 23/09/2000 (Peru)

Barcelona Football Tryout - 1st Edition

Olot Television - I Barcelona Football Tryout

Summary schedule


Day 1
14.00 Pick up players at the airport and transport to Hotel La Perla *** (Olot).
16.00 Check-in in the hotel
18.00 Welcome meeting. Presentation among the players, the organizing staff and explanation of the operation of the event. Delivery of individual sports clothes.
20.00 Dinner
Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4
8.00 Breakfast
10.00 Training session 
14.00 Lunch
17.00 Talks by professionals
18.00 Training session or match 
21.00 Dinner
Day 5
8.00 Breakfast
11.00 Official match – UE Olot (u18)
12.00 Closing ceremony
13.00 Return. Return of the players by bus to Barcelona Airport
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