Football Forward | 3 Mallorca Football Experience Edition
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3 Mallorca Football Experience Edition

3th Mallorca Football Experience Edition

The 3rd Edition of the Mallorca Football Experience was held in Puerto de Pollensa (Island of Mallorca) from July 5 to 23, 2021.

More than 50 boys and girls, during the 3 weeks that the event lasted, participated in this event that aims to give young soccer players the opportunity to carry out an intensive soccer training program in English. The players lived a unique experience in an ideal environment for practicing football (the sports facilities of Puerto de Pollensa, which have a state-of-the-art artificial turf pitch) and taking advantage of the privileged location of the pitch, recreational activities related to the football on the beach of Puerto de Pollensa. Last week, a group of girls and boys were at the Hotel Playa Mar & Spa, enjoying the facilities such as the pool, the buffet and a room where activities such as Kahoot, documentaries in English and other types of games were held.

All the participants were training and improving their soccer skills through our own methodology based on a comprehensive training of the player and at the same time they practiced English, both in training sessions and in all the programmed activities.


An intensive football training program was carried out in English with a methodology created by Football Forward – “Soccer Development Program”. The training sessions were directed by highly trained trainers who had already had experiences in other European countries or in the United States and used the English language in all the tasks and explanations.

The methodology used in the training sessions is based on comprehensive training to seek improvement and global intelligence of the player himself. This methodology has been created using the years of experience of the Football Forward staff in professional football teams in Spain.



To complement the practice of football, all kinds of recreational and cultural activities were carried out to promote the use of English and improve the language. Taking advantage of the environment provided by the facilities, we move to the beach to play soccer competitions and recreational games. Recreational water games were also organized on the same soccer field.

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