If you are looking for the opportunity to become a professional soccer player, look no further! Our Tryouts in Spain 2023 are the ideal place to show your skills and stand out among the best. Explore 30 success stories from previous editions and don’t miss your chance to join the next group of players.

Tomás Beaudean (Argentina)

He signed for the Totana Olympic Club of the Spanish 3rd Division, after being the winner of the 4th Edition and signing for the JEP Sports Management agency.

Matias Piteo (Argentina)

He signed a representation contract with a Spanish agency JEP Sports Management and during the 19/20 season he was in Italy for a trial period at Atalanta. He comes from the Almirante Brown club.

David Rodríguez (Peru) and Tomás Otarola (Argentina)

They signed a contract with CF Talavera de la Reina (Juvenil Nacional Madrid).

David Owino Ambulu (Kenya / Kenya Under-23 International)

Preseason with UE Figures (Spanish 3rd Division)

Alan Nahuel (Argentina) and Timmy Lee (United States)

They played for a short period in 2 different clubs in the Spanish 6th Division.

Edgar Ortega (Paraguay)

Testing period with UD Marbella (National Youth)

Mathias Saker (Uruguay)

Testing period at UE Sant Juliá (1st Andorra Division)

Eros Jellouli, Luciano Cabral, Erik Montes (Spain) Felipe Fernandes de Araujo (Brazil)

Players who played in the Spanish 3rd Division after the event.

Lautaro Martínez (Argentina)

They signed a contract with the CA Huracán club in Barcelona (Spain).

Alan Martiarena (Argentina) y Franco Capria (Argentina)

He signed with the CE Constancia club from Mallorca (Spain). He continues playing soccer on the island of Mallorca.

Vladimir Puig (Spain)

He carried out the preseason with the UE Olot subsidiary, CF Sant Jaume.

Titto Dansoko (Guina Conakry)

He signed for Atlético Ranillas de Zaragoza (Spain).

Engembert Sady Vargas Flores (Chile)

3-month trial period with UB Conquense of the Spanish 3rd Division.

Santiago Brailly (Argentina)

He signed for Thrasyvouolos Fylis FC of the Greek 4th Division, after signing for the JEP SportsManagement agency. The following season he signed for FC Süderelbe of the German 5th Division. He is currently playing in Italy.

Martín Savy (Argentina) y Julián Pavón (Argentina)

They signed for CA Huracán of Barcelona.

Danil Ankudinov (Kazajistán)

He was one of the most outstanding players of the 3rd edition. He currently has signed a professional contract with FC Sheriff of the Moldovan 1st Division.

Amzil Reda (Morocco)

He was chosen as the second most valued player in the 4th Edition and after the pandemic, he spent a period of testing in the Granada CF youth team.

Boutaa Nahel (France)

Youngest player and chosen second best player of the 5th Edition, he carried out a trial period with the UE Olot youth team of the National League and later participated with the Granada CF youth team in a tournament, facing teams like PSG.

Louis Ngondeb (Senegal) and Roberto Carlos Gómes(Andorra)

They signed for UD Fraga (Spain).

Gibran Haj Yousef (Venezuela)

He was one of the most outstanding players of the 6th edition. He currently has signed a professional contract with Mineros de Guayana of the 1st Division of Venezuela.

Natan Nakache (France)

He signed for the CD Estepona subsidiary (RFEF 2nd Division club).

Manuel Rey (United States)

He signed for SD Sofan de Galícia, a club agreed with Bergantiños FC (Spain).

Sadri Gashi (Norway)

He carried out a trial period with 2 clubs in the RFEF 3rd Division: UD Poblense and CD Llosente (Mallorca).

Kwame Norku (New Zeland)

The most exotic player who has participated in our tryouts stayed in Barcelona to do the preseason with the city’s historic club: UA Horta.

Juan Carlos Rozas (Spain)

He completed a trial period at Poli El Ejido (Almería), before continuing with his contract with the CF Talavera reserve team (Madrid).

Terry Germany (France)

The player from ST-Etienne completed a trial period with Poli El Ejido (Almería) and participated in a tournament with Granada CF youth team, facing teams like PSG.

Jambuli Tsipuria (Georgia)

He completed a trial period with the CP Mijas-Las Lagunas of the Andalusian Honor Division. He ended up signing a contract with the club.

Peter Joel (Nigeria) and Adam El Mahjouby

They carried out a trial period with Granada CF youth team (under 19)